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Consulting and programming services

Among products and services offered by the are consulting and programming services

  • Software testing

    Testing is aimed to verify and validate the software . Software verification is performed in order to verify that the software is manufactured in accordance with the desired specifications. Validation verifies that the software is compatible with the expectations set by the user.

  • Analysis of the scope and effectiveness of software

    Analysis and effectiveness measurment of software is based on performance tests conducted to determine how the system reacts and how stable is under a given load. Aditionally studying, measuring, validation or verification of quality of other attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource use are executed. Test environment is prepared for testing, and the measurement is performed mostly on actual data, in order to exclude errors due to different data structure.

  • Pre-implementation audits

    Pre-implementation audit is the examination of a business organization whose aim is pre-implementation analysis including: identifying real strategic objectives, verification of the current processes structure, optimization of the current organizational structure, studying the flow of information (including documents), operating IT systems and target solutions. As a result of the audit Implementation Concept report is created containing the full necessary information for the effective and optimal implementation (or modification) of the IT system- and most of all to make the right decisions on the selection of the optimal solution.

  • Post-implementation audits

    Execution of the audit is and examination which let us determine if implementation end up successfully, what means if the objectives established on stage before implementation have been achived. As a part of the audit a possible non-compliance protocols are created, development guidelines or repair conclusions. All evaluations and recommendations are consulted with each of the parties that take part in the implementation process and it is possible to include separate opinions of each party in the final document before the end of the audit.

  • Audit documentation

  • Programming Services

    Programming in C #, CLARION, PHP environment.


Intellect Business Intelligence sales

Więcej o systemie INTELLECT BI


IT Software Sales

2INTELLECT.COM SA also is engaged in distribution of ERP and BPM class software, which include products such as:

  • GRAFFITI.ERP platform

    GRAFFITI.ERP is an IT solution of ERP class, modern and fully integrated enterprise management system. Functional scope of GRAFFITI.ERP can assist in all relevant areas of enterprise starting from the standard financial-accounting solutions, logistics and storage, finishing on sophisticated models of long-term planning, production scheduling, budgets simulation and complex logistics solutions.

  • ASCENT.DBI platform

    ASCENT.DBI is a system that supports the coordination of procedures of management of documents and information, including organizing rules of access to enterprise resources (documentation, information, carried out operations), standardizes procedures for issue handling and processes and provides the ability to test their effectiveness. The ASCENT.DBI system consists of four integrated modules – Work Report (allows to record work performed by employees), Office (managing information flow), Workflow (creating a record of the operating procedures) and CRM (for handling customer relations). Software manufacturer is the PC Guard SA company.


Implementation Services

Implementation services include installation of offered systems in a given location, including cleaning and data migration, activation of individual modules as a support platform to specific business processes, system customization, configuration of parameters of the system to the desired level and quality of cooperation with external systems, user training, transfer of the system to user to exploitation. S.A.

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