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System concept

At the base of the concept of making of INTELLECT system was the conviction that in today’s increasingly competitive market, companies can succeed only when they can immediately respond to customer needs and make business decisions in advance, based on the gathered information.

In recent years, many companies have implemented and use various types of ERP systems, MPR II, CRM, etc. In order to collect business information, unfortunately in most cases these systems do not increase productivity and do not help the management boards in decision making - these systems generate more and more data, which employees are inundated (the effect of Big Data), but they are not able to convert these data into valuable business information, because systems they use are not equipped with professional analytical tools.

The improvement in this matter can be caused by Business Intelligence solutions – unfortunately also among BI systems often there are significant restrictions in their use.

When making the decision on manufacturing the INTELLECT BI system we set a goal to avoid most of the constraints of Business Intelligence systems – some of these assumptions are:

  • the system have to work with any external system that is based on SQL,
  • archiving of data and their conversion should be done in a safe manner,
  • execution of analysis must be done via a clear and easy-to-learn user interface,
  • in order to make the users work easier, the software should be equipped with the system of prompts and instructions that are available from the location where operation is executed,
  • solution must be scalable and any modification and addition of new functionality needs to be automated in order to reduce operating costs,
  • system should help to create reports and should export of any analysis in the form of report to PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text, Image,
  • information should reach out to eligible persons at a fixed time,
  • employees, to be able to optimally utilize available resources and make effective business decisions need reliable data, and at the same time they must be able to exchange information and be able to comment on analysis, regardless where they are located.

Ultimately INTELLECT software that we produced, implements the above assumptions in 100% – have created a system which, for now is the most sophisticated BI class system on the market.

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